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ThinkPlace Singapore team

Impact across Asia: ThinkPlace Singapore in 2018 and beyond...

Singapore is changing fast. As a nation, it is on a path to an ambitious and future-facing digital transformation while continuing to grow as a regional hub for ASEAN countries and Asia more broadly.

For ThinkPlace’s fast-growing Singapore studio, these themes – so integral to the continued importance of the city-state – are inextricably bound to our own rapid growth across 2018 and beyond.

It has been a year of transformation and new frontiers. In 12 months our Singapore team has added new staff, moved to a new studio location and collaborated with clients, partners and other ThinkPlace studios worldwide to take on complex challenges and ‘move the needle’ on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our team of designers has led and contributed to innovative, award-winning work in areas like global nutrition, disease prevention, digital and organisational transformation.

2018 By the numbers

ThinkPlace Singapore Handled 18 major projects across 8 countries (Including Singapore, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Japan and USA)

We delivered more than 25 public sector education courses, added 3 new staff, 1 Managing Director and 1 new studio space.

Thinkplace Singapore team
From a brilliant new studio location in Singapore the ThinkPlace team has made positive impact across the city-state and throughout Asia in 2018. What lies ahead for 2019?

Wow, that’s quite a lot...

We asked Singapore Studio Principal Debbie Ng to break down 2018 (and to give us a clue where ThinkPlace and Singapore might be headed in 2019)

Q: It’s been a big year for the Singapore studio. What has been happening?

DN: So much! We have moved to a new home: a heritage shopfront to house us and also host our clients. It’s a great space. 

Bill Bannear joined us as our new Managing Director. We also had recent hires Anna and Manasa joining us designers. Not to forget our new studio manager, Juliana, who is doing a fantastic job!

Q: What projects really stand out from the work we’ve done in 2018?

DN: We partnered with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority to deep dive into understanding the  behaviours of car owners. This project was a win in many ways. We worked across studios between Singapore and Auckland and used some innovative approaches with our research methods, combining design thinking with behavioural insights. 

With the Economic Development Board, we continued our strong partnership, which is shaping the future of Singapore. 

We were delighted to work with the Family Justice Courts with the goal of reimagining the court experience for vulnerable and distressed families.

And with the Singaporean Ministry of Health, we have been working with healthcare institutions to create a more patient-centric experience.

Q: At ThinkPLace we always strive to make maximum positive impact. How has the Singapore team done that this year?

DN: Using Singapore as a regional base we’ve expanded our influence across ASEAN countries, tackling complex issues such as malnutrition in India, Indonesia and Nepal and prototyping a ‘future of food eco-system’ 

A different but equally important way we’ve made impact is by delivering design training and education. In 12 months we’ve run 26 design workshops: that means we’ve influenced and shaped  the mindsets of around 700 future leaders. The potential for impact is massive.

We also signed an MOU with Republic Polytechnic, promising more consultancy and training for the skills upgrading of Singapore, which is a huge goal for a Singaporean Government that has promised a widespread digital transformation of the public sector in this country. 

And we also set up our broader digital transformation offering, which we will be excited to share with potential clients and partners in 2019! 

Q: What else does 2019 look like for ThinkPlace Singapore?

DN: We will broker conversations between public organisations, the private sector, NGOs and citizens, to explore complex issues and reimagine a better world together.  We will expand our offerings to ASEAN with Singapore as our knowledge home base. There is so much to get excited about.