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ThinkPlace has 3 big ideas for the future of Singapore

Our three big ideas for the future of Singapore

It’s an exciting time to be in Singapore – a city and a region that are rapidly changing and where a spirit of innovation and future-focused activity is working every day to make life better for those who live, work and create.

As a proudly Singaporean studio we are thrilled to be among so much of the great work that is going on. As Singaporeans and Singapore residents our goals as a team reflect the things that we want for Singapore itself. So when we sat down recently to set ourselves some ambitious targets it’s not surprising the form they took.

Three big ideas for the future of Singapore.



At ThinkPlace we don’t just set goals, we set OKR’s. What are they?

This method was introduced by Andy Grove at Intel in the 1970s and has been championed more recently by John Doerr. It has been used with success by everybody from Google and Uber to U2 frontman Bono.

OKR stands for objectives and key results. This process involves setting shared objectives for an organisation and then attaching them to key results that are specific enough to allow future judgement about whether your objective has been met. A characteristic of properly designed OKRs is that they must be measurable. It must be possible to look back and decide whether the objective was or was not reached.

OKRs are a great tool for driving strategic intent and making sure a team is locked in and focusing its energy and efforts on the things that really matter. We’ve found them hugely beneficial at ThinkPlace.

Why are we sharing these OKRs? Because to succeed in them we need people to collaborate with us. This is a call for people to join us, to work together and be part of something that really matters for the future of Singapore.


ThinkPlace has 3 big ideas for the future of Singapore



We think we can play an important role connecting citizens, visitors and all sorts of people across Singapore with senior decision makers, to make everyone's life a bit easier.

There’s something really exciting about the way the Singapore government is engaging with citizens at the moment and we want to play a big part in pushing that further. Because we know that when government leaders get better at understanding the needs and experiences of people who use government services that the inevitable result is better services (and a better place to live). Codesign approaches hold much promise for the future of Singapore.


ThinkPlace has 3 big ideas for the future of Singapore



There’s so much activity in this space, reflecting the Singaporean Government’s determination to be (or remain) a world-leader. All around us we see initiatives like Smart Nation, Digital Government Blueprint and Industry Transformation Roadmaps. All of these are ambitious attempts to try and get people innovating and connecting in Singapore. We know the intent is there but we believe there are still some big challenges to this happening.

A big question for us in the next few years is: How can we make Singapore genuinely the most interesting place to be innovating and collaborating anywhere in the world? From SME transformation to industry-wide collaboration, there is a lot happening.

If this is a space that you care about or where you are looking to make impact then we are ready and willing to apply our expertise in user research, design methodologies and innovation frameworks to help you make positive impact.


ThinkPlace has 3 big ideas for the future of Singapore



We’ve been fortunate enough to be closely involved with some of the most interesting and important transformations that have taken place in Singapore over recent years. Now we are taking advantage of Singapore’s connectedness to the region to try and spread the impact we can have.

Singapore’s future is fundamentally tied to the broader region. As neighbouring economies and societies develop and transform themselves the opportunities for regional collaboration and shared value are only increasing. We believe there is huge potential to work with more governments across the region, introducing design thinking and design methodology and citizen-centred decision-making. Our deep experience means we know that, more often than not, these approaches drive better policy and better outcomes.

These are our three big goals as we move towards the end of this century’s second decade and look forward to its next. They will drive our team and we will measure ourselves against them.

What are your goals, and how can we help you reach them, making sure that  together we drive a better future for all Singaporeans?

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