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Change your thinking. Change your organisation. Change the world.

That's the promise offered by ThinkPlace Education short courses. Every course we offer features small groups of senior leaders, peer-led learning and real-world scenarios drawn from our deep subject matter expertise. Choose the course that will best help you meet the challenges you face as a leader. Or talk to us about a bespoke education experience for your organisation.



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ThinkPlace Courses

Course Guide 2019

  • HCD Courses

    How might human-centred-design help create meaningful & transformative change that benefits funders, system owners, communities and subject-matter-experts?

    Interested in learning more? Please register your interest for the online courses...

  • Design Thinking for Libraries

    Charge up your design-thinking knowledge and skills.

    As a program manager, community engagement officer, Librarian or IT officer, how might you create programs, digital experiences, services, spaces...

  • Design in Complex Systems

    System Design is about achieving scaled change in complex human systems

    An online hands-on practical masterclass exploring the joining of complex systems thinking, human centred design and co-design together...
  • Designing compelling visual narratives (NZ)

    The average person is inundated with approximately 100,500 words a day. Amid information overload and shorter attention spans, how can you make information easy to engage with and impactful?...

  • Design for Public Good

    Design thinking is a powerful tool for creating or improving policy, programs, services and digital experiences.

    ThinkPlace’s Design for Public Good course weaves together cutting-edge theory and government,...

  • Ethics of Digital Transformation

    Big data, privacy breaches, artificial intelligence, social license... the world of digital transformation can feel like a minefield. This one-day course will give you a powerful briefing and hands-on insight...

  • Agile for Policy & Programs

    This course takes agile – often and thought of as an IT methodology – and applies its principles and techniques to the design and implementation of complex initiatives to tackle...

  • Situation X

    Something has happened. Something very, very bad. And it’s about to hit Australia. As the news trickles in, you and your team will have to create the Government response to...