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Design in Complex Systems

System Design is about achieving scaled change in complex human systems

An online hands-on practical masterclass exploring the joining of complex systems thinking, human centred design and co-design together to be more effective when seeking change in complex human systems.

Building on our successful two-day in-person masterclass, we are now opening this up globally via online sessions delivered over three half days . The courses are in the afternoon New Zealand time to enable participants to join from Australia and Asia.

We will lead you through our practice guide that is the distillation of what can be,  quite intense systems theory into practical approaches and methods. Our practice joins  together three critical practices: system change, human-centred design and co-design.

You will be in a group of no more than 12 people and each group will be facilitated by one of our three  senior designers along with our practice lead Martin Grant.

In the masterclass we share the methods we are using most often supported by the relevant theory and stories about our experiences of doing this work. You will also work in a small group on a live system to explore the application of the methods.

Learning outcomes

Ahead of the course, you will receive our 80-page workbook with all the content, methods and templates we will cover, enabling you to start in applying this practice to your projects right away, included in this is  an extensive reading list with material from thought leaders working in this space.

Specifically, you will be able to:

  • Visually model a complex human system;
  • Identify root causes to system flaws or problems;
  • Explore human behavioural complexity across the system;
  • Develop intervention logic that can inform theories of change

Agenda Overview

  1. Modelling systems
  2. Profiling agents
  3. Identifying focus areas
  4. Response options and assessment
  5. Change narratives
  6. System experiments
  7. Scaling responses
  8. Launching and running system projects
  9. Application for your organisation and work

Who should attend?

This masterclass will be highly valuable for people wanting to affect change working within organisation,  government or social systems. You may have read about complex systems and are now looking to get practical and pragmatic tools that you can lead others through.

Here’s what a couple of participants said about the Melbourne masterclass we held in November:

“This course amply demonstrates the deep knowledge of the ThinkPlace team in its design and expert delivery. It has given me practical tools and a pragmatic, flexible approach I have applied immediately. I now have the confidence to just jump in and be able to sit more comfortably with the ambiguity inherent in a complex system. This allows me to focus on interpreting the wood from the trees to map a cogent story and create crucial shared understanding. 

- Kylie Blake, Experience Designer, ANZ

*Facilitated in real time by one of our three senior designers along with our practice lead Martin Grant. Classes are not pre-recorded.

Upcoming Courses:

We can conduct these masterclasses for teams within the organisation. They can be conducted online or in-person depending on your needs. 

We flexibly deploy this Masterclass based on your needs. Please inquire to learn more.

Register your interest below and one of our friendly team will get in touch to discuss further. 

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We flexibly deploy this Masterclass based on your needs. Please inquire to learn more.

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