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Design for Public Good

Design thinking is a powerful tool for creating or improving policy, programs, services and digital experiences.

ThinkPlace’s Design for Public Good course weaves together cutting-edge theory and government, and includes a short, intensive scenario that will put your learning into intensive practice.This masterclass will give you leading theory and hands-on experience to accelerate your understanding and your practice of design thinking for public impact.

The course is delivered 100% online through our Airlab capability. Airlabs use powerful technologies, expert facilitation and groundbreaking content to deliver an engaging, profound experience for participants.


Learning Outcomes:

You will receive a a pre-reading list and a workbook with the content, methods, details and templates enabling you to get started by applying on your projects.

Specifically, you will be able to:

  • Understand how design thinking can be used to design better government policy, programs, services and digital experiences

  • Map user journeys, conduct and synthesise user research to build an evidence base for your design process

  • Capturing story-based requirements using Harvard’s JTBD framework

  • Ideation & prototyping approaches to make designs tangible and testable early, allowing iterative improvement


Agenda Overview:

Session 1: The big picture / 3.5 hours

We will begin by exploring a design thinking mindset and how it is different. We will take a deep dive into a multi-perspective approach with multi-disciplinary teams and co-design. You will then start to define problem spaces with human-centred research, create a visual model of an actual system with journey mapping and story-based requirements. Session 1 will close by creating ideation approaches for generating breakthrough concepts and models.

Session 2: The scenario intensive / 3.5 hours

Session 2 is where we start blending design thinking and government scenarios together. We start prototyping approaches to make designs tangible early. We will learn to conduct experiments to drive an evaluative evidence base, design adaptation, iteration and optimisation. We will then dive into making your design thinking process relentlessly ethical. We close the session talking about leading projects and also live projects that participants are working on and how they might apply this thinking to their work. 


Who should attend?

This masterclass will be highly valuable for people wanting to affect change working within government or social systems. You could be a senior executive or high-performing middle manager in a qualifying Government or a Transnational Governance Organisation (eg UN, OECD).

We run courses for Government, NGOs and the private sector. The upcoming course is government focused, however if you are not a public servant, please get in touch and we will let you know when the course will be available for your sector.

Upcoming Course

22nd and 29th April, 2021

2 x half days

Thursday 22 April, 9:30am – 1pm  & Thursday 29 April, 9:30am – 1pm (AEST)

Normal price - $AUD550. Register before April 5 to avail an early bird discount at $AUD500!

Virtual delivery – Zoom and Mural. Facilitated in real time by one of our senior designers. Classes are not pre-recorded. 

Click below and send your details to secure a spot. One of our friendly team will get in touch for payment options. 

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Course details


$550 per person*
*Early bird discount available

Two 3.5 hour Sessions
Max class size:

*To enquire about scholarships and discounts, please write to education [at]

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