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Situation X

Something has happened. Something very, very bad. And it’s about to hit Australia. As the news trickles in, you and your team will have to create the Government response to a disturbing situation nobody could have predicted or imagined. You’ll have to use advanced thinking tools to understand world-scale, long-term consequences, and to work out how the government can intervene to mitigate the worst of what is coming.


What you will learn:

  • The Cynefin framework, with a focus on how you make decisions in chaotic and complex situational domains
  • Systems mapping, to extend your understanding of a challenge and identify critical systems-level leverage points to maximise the effect of an intervention
  • Forecasting, enabling you to create realistic future scenarios based on multiple emergent factors and trends, that can form the basis for strategy and planning
  • Divergent and convergent ideation, driving innovative and viable ideas that can break through on intractable issues
  • Bringing these four tools together in an intense, full-day scenario that will have you driving the national recovery from a catastrophic event from the minds of ThinkPlace and an internationally acclaimed science fiction author.

Note: this course contains mild-moderately disturbing content.

Course details


$800 (full day) / $400 (half day) per person

One day
Max class size: