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We drive towards a better world by spreading impact through our work.

We also do it by sharing our ideas, our tools and some of the 'secret sauce' that makes ThinkPlace a success.

We hope you'll find these products as useful as we do.


  • Design for a Better Future

    The world we live in is increasingly complex. It throws up complex problems. At ThinkPlace we've pioneered the application of design thinking to complex challenges like climate change, family violence and global malnutrition. We work with governments, organisations and communities using a methodology - the Design System - developed over more than a decade. Now we're sharing it with you. 

  • Think Cards

    If you had a superpower, what would it be? What's your most vivid childhood memory? Welcome to ThinkCards, a fun game that helps break the ice and get people talking, sharing and laughing. ThinkPlace designers use these cards in workshops and design sessions all over the world every day. Now you can too.