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Powerful workshops that happen 100% in the cloud


Our Airlabs service allows us to run interactive workshops, meetings, co-design, research activities and experience testing online, with 100% remote attendance and a simple, engaging experience for participants. We are able to convert any workshop to an Airlab rapidly.

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They are a mix of powerful technologies, world-leading facilitation and carefully designed groupwork. With an Airlab, attendees can be anywhere in the country, or beyond our borders. Location doesn’t matter, which means it’s easier to get the right people in the room.

Numbers scale easily. Airlabs have different formats ready to accommodate:

  • Large engagement or innovation events of up to 100 participants

  • Medium workshop events of 6 to 50 participants

  • One-on-one research interviews and user test sessions where a rich, empathetic connection is critical

Our Airlab has been tested and refined over years in the most complex policy spaces. Whether it’s a co-design session, a large workshop, a focus group, a meeting, a user experience evaluation or a training session, Airlabs create an experience that doesn’t just rival ‘in-room’, but exceeds it.

Get in touch about Airlabs:

Australia: +61 2 6282 8852 | airlabs [at] (subject: Airlabs%20Enquiry)

New Zealand: +64 (04) 472 1212 | info [at] (subject: Airlabs%20Enquiry)

Singapore: +65 9046 0340 |  info [at]