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Measuring Impact

We bring applied forms of academic research methods, design research, behavioural science, and more to create evidence of what works and what needs to change in complex systems.

Incorporating empathy-sourced insights and rich statistical data our methods provide a foundation for decision makers to evaluate policies, programs, services and interventions.

We take an adaptive approach to evaluation, working with programs early to codesign the evaluation framework, the right data points, and ensure an ethical approach.

ThinkPlace Service - Measuring Impact

Here's how we do it...

Evaluation framework design

  • Evaluation Intent and outcomes
  • Co-Design Evaluation models
  • Evaluation mixed methods design

Evaluation program delivery

  • Evaluation team formation and training
  • Evaluation delivery and monitoring
  • Expertise to advise decision makers

Evaluation impact reporting

  • Evaluation reports
  • Dynamic evaluation reports
  • Evaluation Documentaries