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ThinkPlace USA is growing: Welcome Brooke Barker...

ThinkPlace designer Brooke Barker in the field
United States

This will be fun.

It’s a great way of approaching any challenge and it’s a mindset that the newest member of the ThinkPlace USA studio makes her own.

“I take my work seriously but not myself and therefore I aim to approach challenges with a 'this will be fun' attitude and opportunistic outlook,” Brooke Barker says.

ThinkPlace USA is growing. After opening our first American studio in Washington DC earlier this year, we are adding our first American designer to the team.

Most organisations aren't good at customer research. Here's why.

Customer discovery means asking the right questions
United States

It seems obvious but so many organisations don’t get it right. Why carry out customer discovery? Why do consumer research? 

It’s to ask customers what they want, right? 


Too many researchers are asking the wrong questions. (Here's how not to.)

Question mark post-it note
United States

It’s the sinking sensation of the silence that never ends.

As a researcher you know you are struggling. Your pre-agreed, pre-formulated, pre-written questions are landing on your subject’s nose like a heavyweight’s punches.

Designed to elicit conversation, provoke reflection and stimulate creative thinking they are having the opposite effect. Your subject looks dazed. His shoulders shrug.

When it comes to innovation, don't just make an impact. Measure it

The A-Lab process has generated plenty of measurable impact.

Can you measure impact from social innovation labs?

Over the past two years we have been working with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency to create and deliver a social innovation lab - A-Lab, targeted at generating systemic innovations to increase the rate of renewable energy adoption across Australia.

ThinkPlace Asia: Our impact in 2017

Map of Asia

In 2017, ThinkPlace worked with governments, businesses and not-for-profits across Asia to bring about change that has positively influenced people and the communities, economies and environments they are part of.

This year, we are measuring our success by impact, mapping our work to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are 17 targets which UN member states have united around as a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Listening to patients improves the national e-health record

My health record co-design innovation
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