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Change the way you think

We have recently been helping to build Innovation in Canberra. Canberra is Australia’s designed city, with some of the nation’s most interesting buildings and landscapes. ‘Change the way you think’ was the headline for the recent DESIGN Canberra, which celebrated Canberra’s vibrant and diverse design community. ThinkPlace hosted a series of conversations which engaged the Canberra community to gather ideas about innovation. We engaged Canberra’s citizens – designers, artists, makers and thinkers; children, students and elders; entrepreneurs, social innovators, politicians and government agencies.

 Some of the headline insights were:

  • Innovation thrives in the most unlikely of places

  • Innovation eco-systems thrive when intention exists

  • Innovation is about moving beyond incubators, it is about bringing ideas to market

  • Canberra is a hidden secret -  we are frontrunners in science, design, and business, and have many technologists and artists who are world leaders

These conversations stimulated energy and the start of a lively commitment across Canberra to becoming a thriving innovation eco-system.

Find out what from The Canberra Entrepreneur thought about Design Canberra and ThinkPlace's contribution here.

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